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Stormarn Archive

The federal archive law of August 11, 1992, provided for the first comprehensive legal basis for the public archives of Schleswig-Holstein. According to this, the archives were not obliged to assure legality and administrative continuity but were referred to as modern service companies for research, historical education and cultural maintanance.

On January 1, 2000, § 15, the so-called "Kommunalklausel" (municipal clause) came into effect defining the establishment of archives in cities, authorities and communities as a municipal obligation. Thus, new archives were also established in several communities and authorities within the district of Stormarn including the employment of a full-time workforce. This development virtually marks the end of a long-lasting tradition: since 1924 honorary archivists for individual so-called "Archivsprengel" (archival administrative districts) had been deployed in the district. At their annual conferences these honorary archivists had been advised by the archivists of the federal archive in Kiel, the later state archive of Schleswig-Holstein in Schleswig. The archivists were mostly teachers like Walter Frahm, the first archivist in the district of Stormarn, and Martin Wulf, or pastors like Wilhelm Jensen from Wandsbek or Martin Clasen from Reinfeld, who also worked as local historians. Their matter of concern was not so much the continuous archival storage of (written) records of the public administrations and the establishment of a municipal archive. All the more they have to be classified as collectors of any kind of written documents, maps and photographs.

After the caesura of World War II the "Archivsprengel" (archival administrative districts) had been reallocated from 1948 onwards, and the tradition of the annual conferences was revived. Since the late eighties the existing archives have seen a first alternation of generations: honorary archivists were partly replaced by a full-time scientific workforce who also assumed further administrative tasks.

Source: Günther, Barbara: Stormarn, History. In: Stormarn-Lexikon. Published by B. Günther. Wachholtz: Neumünster 2003. Page 39.